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Today I received an Oppo R15 Pro from a client. The device is completely non responsive and does not negotiate power over Type C.

Standard android reset methods are unsuccessful. This phone contains encrypted UFS so the phone must be fixed to get data back.

Since the phone refuses to charge over Type C, my assumption is that since the phone is unable to charge itself, the battery must be flat.

This model of phone has a glass back panel that must be heated and removed carefully or it will shatter. Once the back cover is removed, the battery is disconnected and tested. The battery is full so it is re-plugged and a turn-on is attempted.

The phone has 100% battery but will be treated like any other time sensitive job. The phone is connected to a charger immediately but usb is still unavailable so all the data is transferred to an SD card and then checked for integrity.

The customer was happy with the results and we gave them the minimum charge for this sort of scenario.