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Submitted by Reboot Data Recovery

Flooding – whether from yearly hurricanes, rain, tsunamis or even a broken supply pipe have been known to affect homes, institutions and corporate businesses leading to immense collateral damage. Few businesses in this age can run without computers. Therefore the need for data recovery after flooding can’t be overemphasized.
Computers, as with most electronics are incredibly sensitive to water damage, but the hard drive in particular begins a degradation process after water contact because of its magnetic nature.
While most companies have off site backup storage because of eventualities as these, smaller businesses and homes are usually prone to hard drive damage after flooding. A possibility does exist that the data can be recovered so long as the recovery process starts immediately.
Safety First
Water is a good conductor of electricity! You want to avoid any electric shock while trying to salvage the situation. Ensure the computer is unplugged from the wall sockets. For Notebook PCs, ensure they are completely switched off.
Before opening up the casing housing the hard drive and removing it, reconfirm that all cables have been unplugged. Secondly and very importantly, use anti-static gloves or rub your moisturized hands together intermittently. What this serves to achieve is to remove any static charge on the hands before touching the interior of the casing!

Less Done Is More Done
There is little you can do to recover the data stored on the hard drive on your own, and you’ll need the help of a professional to safely and efficiently recover the data on the such hard drive. Usually, as a fallout from any flood, the read / write head of the drive and the platters are covered with dirty particles. In trying to spin up, the particles on the read/write can scratch the platters causing an erosion of vital data stored on the platters.
Contact the Pros
Take the hard drive and wrap it in tissue papers or any such absorbent materials. and then wrap in a polythene bag. Reboot Data Recovery specializes in recoveries of this nature. Call us on 1300002668 or email us at [email protected] and will give the best advice for recovering your hard drive’s vital data and to ship the hard drive as quickly as possible to one of our locations in Australia or New Zealand.