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If you have experienced a failed NAS or SAN system, do not hesitate to contact Reboot Data Recovery.

SAN environments comprise e a number of different kinds of computer hardware, including Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices and RAID systems where devices communicate using the block-based SCSI protocol over dedicated Fibre Channel or Internet Protocol (IP) network. Because of its many elements, SAN architectures can be quite complex and the more complex the system, the more failure-prone it becomes, affecting the entire storage environment.

Reboot Data Recovery specialises in recovering data from:

  • Single or Multiple Disk Failure
  • Virus Attack
  • Accidental or Erroneous Deletion of Data or Reformat of NAS Volume
  • Mechanical Failure (Clicking, Twitching)
  • Failed Software or Operating System Upgrades
  • Malware Attack
  • System Crash
  • Physical Damage (Fire, Water, Smoke, Etc.)
  • Electrical Surge Causing Physical or Logical Corruption
  • Data Inaccessible Due To Security System Failure

The main cause of inability to recover data is always in individuals attempting data recovery on their own.

NAS is an alternative to a specialized storage area network (SAN). NAS devices are often connected to a shared general purpose local area network, reducing cost overhead, while also reducing access speed.

Most network storage systems contain more than one hard disk drive, often in a RAID configuration and are a computer by itself with its own operating system. Having a hard drive fail or even one the computer components could make it impossible for your IT department to recover the data due to the nonstandard operating system.

Unexpected failure may cause data inaccessibility or even data loss. Often this occurs between data backups or on data that has no backup at all. Utilizing proprietary data recovery technology, our data recovery specialists will recover the data you need in a timely and cost effective manner. We have established a level of expertise in RAID, SAN, and NAS recovery that is unparalleled.

Our combination of custom software and extensive experience means we do not need your hardware or your controller to perform data recovery on your SAN or NAS.