We provide NAS data recovery. Network-attached storage, or NAS, as the name implies is simply storage that is attached to a network. It provides a great method of storing large amounts of data while also ensuring their accessibility from anywhere. Reboot Data Recovery recommends that a NAS be part of any serious backup setup.
Network-attached storage is not a backup solution by itself even though it serves as a safe data bank.

How It Works

Matter-of-factly, a NAS is a mini-server that is mounted on a rack or sits on a desk. You can connect it directly to your computer through a USB cable, but that would negate its main purpose: the network. A NAS creates a small network on its own that any device having the right credentials (username and password) can access. A NAS is a progression from using a simple external hard drive to creating one’s own cloud storage.

Why NAS and not Cloud Storage??

With a NAS set up, you can store data on it and then access it from any other device you own, as it is with cloud storage service. However, the advantages NAS has are the speed and privacy that it offers.

NAS are faster than remote cloud storage as it is only limited by your network speed and the NAS’ hardware.Whereas for a remote cloud service, internet connection, weather disruption and remote cloud firmware can put a drag on the speed.Moreover, If for any reason your network isn’t fast enough, you can just connect your computer directly to your NAS using the USB and transfer data at your hard drive’s speed.

Another major advantage of a NAS is that you are hosting your own files, without a third party having anything to do with it and therefore need not worry about government warrants or compliance.

NAS Software: Synology and QNAP

There are numerous manufacturers and vendors out there that offer network-attached storage, the general preference seems to be that QNAP Systems and Synology offer the best deal for your money. Though neither is particularly cheap (prices start at $200 and go up steeply from there),

In both cases, however, the main attraction is the software that comes with the NAS. Synology and QNAP offer high-end, user-friendly software that will make setting up the NAS easy and using it even more so. On top of that, more experienced users will be able to configure their NAS using this proprietary software to make their little box into their own personal cloud storage.

NAS Limitations

The downsides to NAS are that they do not come cheap and security needs to be a concern that you keep in mind at all times. Like anything connected via a network, NAS are vulnerable to outside attack. We recommend that people unused to dealing with technology take their time when setting up their NAS to avoid a porous setup. Also, having a good backup plan in place never hurts.


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