Mobile Phone Data Recovery - all Brands - Apple, Android, Windows

We specialise in data recovery for ALL brands of mobile phones – Apple, Android & Windows.

Mobile phones and tablets have dramatically increased in popularity and usage in the last decade. With this popularity come increased usage trends.
These days, mobile phones outrank computers in sales. This means that for the first time ever, smartphones are being used more regularly than computers. Instead of storing our data on computers, we can now store them (conveniently) on our smartphones or tablets.
In keeping up with trends, Reboot Data Recovery offers smartphones and tablets data recovery solutions. It’s never a good time when your phone fails, or becomes irreparably damaged, because, often times, it takes your files with it. You may lose those precious memories in your photos, or the all-important contacts list.
We’re a local, trusted name in hard drive recovery. Our data recovery team consists of engineers with 30+ years experience in IT and premium drive recovery. More often than not, we do turn devastating data loss experiences around – reuniting business with important data, and families with their precious memories.

We recover data from any mobile phone make, model or type

No matter the brand, we can recover your data. Our tools allow us to recover data from all types of phones, including, but not limited to big name brands like:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Sony Xperia
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • Siemens
  • Blackberry

Like the brands above, we are well-equipped and ready to serve our customers, regardless of their operating system. Common Operating Systems in mobile phones requiring data recovery include:

  • Apple’s iOS
  • Android
  • Windows OS
Our representative will get back to you once we receive a submission. For urgent cases call us on: +61 409 834 664


No matter what type of phone or tablet you bring to us, we’ll give it our best go. You can be rest assured your device is in good hands!

We recover data regardless of the cause provided the internal EMC is not damaged.

We all know that mobile phones and tablets aren’t perfect – like any other electronic, they will eventually fail. There are many types of mobile phone failures that can occur, each of which requires different methods, tools and techniques to maximize the chance of successful recovery. We commonly see and recover data from issues including:

  • Physical damage, such as being dropped (broken screen etc)
  • Liquid damage, such as being dropped in a pool or spilling a drink on the phone
  • Logical damage
  • Battery failure, producing a device that doesn’t power on or hold a charge
  • OS failure caused by an interrupted OS upgrade
  • Human error, such as accidentally deleting texts, photos or music
  • Natural disasters such as fire, flood or earthquake (even electrical storms and power surges)
  • Hardware defects like known vendor problems, or “end of life” wear and tear

If any of these (or anything else) occurs and you need your data back, kindly contact the team at Reboot Data Recovery for help. We’re the local, trusted name in data recovery.

Basic Phone Data Recovery cost $275 Inc GST

Chip Level Extraction of Android Mobile Phones $550 Inc GST

Apple Phone Data Recovery $650 Inc GST


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