Flash devices may include Flash Disk, USB flash drive, SD cards, Micro SD cards, XD cards and other small memories alike.

Unlike Disk Drives, Flash Memories usually have 3 types of damage:

  • Logical Damage
  • Electronic Damage
  • Physical Damage

Logical Damage

The system is working well but data is not found. This may due to accidental deletion or formatted drive. Customised software is required to recover the data.

Electronic Damage

Flash memories consist of a controller chip and NAND/NOR logic gates. Failure from these parts will result in extremely difficult position to recover the data. Experienced personnel and special tools are required to handle such issue.

Physical Damage

When the damage is inflicted upon the device itself. Professional personnel is required for this issue. Sometimes, the device might not be repairable, which will put the damage on the next category, electronic damage.

Estimate Pricing:

Service Required Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Regular (3-7 days)

Price guide according to failure:

The above table is merely a guide estimation of the pricing.

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