Like any electronic device that suddenly stops working, hard drives are no exceptions. They not being detected bothers mainly on connection issues. However, issues surrounding detection could be internal or external.
For the external issues, let us look at some of the likely causes and how to solving them
New hard drive
For a newly installed hard drive, it is not unusual to find the Hard Drive or HDD toggled “Off” in the System Setup of your computer. The System Setup is accessed at boot up. Depending on the make of the computer, pressing a certain key at boot up takes you in to System Setup and there you find the HDD toggle. Ensure it is in “ On ” mode
It is worthy of note to state here that before touching any component inside the computer, the hands MUST be discharged from all static charges. Severe injuries have been known to occur when the hands are not discharged.

Data Cable
IDE/EIDE, SCSI and SATA are the primary data cable types used for hard drives. It is usually white/grey coloured, connecting the hard drive to the motherboard. If that connection is damaged or removed, it sure will lead to the hard drive not being detected.
To test if the data cable is responsible, another cable could be swapped. Should the problem persist after swapping cables, then data cable is not the problem.
Spinning Up
Sometimes it could be that the hard drive is not spinning up. The following steps can be taken to check if spinning is the issue:
Power off the computer and unplug all power cables. After removing the computer case, ensure your hands are fully discharged from all static charges by rubbing your hands intermittently. Unplug the data cable from the drive and turn on the system. If you hear or feel a some vibration coming from the computer, it simply means the drive is spinning and that spinning is not the problem.

Data Integrity
If the data on your hard drive is corrupted by whatever means – whether blue screen crash or virus infection, these could lead to the computer not detecting the hard drive. Simply reformatting the hard drive could solve this problem.
However, it is advised to get a professional to look at it. Give us a call or send us an email if that is the case, and we likely can provide guidance.
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