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Reboot Data Recovery is an Australian owned and operated business, with offices in Brisbane, Ipswich, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. All our services are available Australia wide.
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Established in 2014, Reboot Data Recovery specialises in premium quality data recovery solutions, without the premium price tag.
As a fast-growing business, we have a deep understanding of the importance of data and information; we know the potentially devastating and painful effects that data loss can have on you, both personally or as a business.
It is this understanding that drives our high levels of customer service and support, premium quality data recovery solutions, and affordable pricing structure.

Core Service – Our Aim

Reboot Data Recovery offers professional data recovery services to individuals, small businesses, corporations and organizations. We know and understand that your data is critical to you. That is why at Reboot Data Recovery, all data loss situations are treated as an emergency. There is no job too small or too big job for us; we can handle all your data recovery needs.
Our data recovery service is non-destructive; so, our methods maintain the integrity of your device and your data. We try to rescue the maximum retrievable data from your disks regardless of the cause!
We work closely with companies developing different data recovery tools to have the latest technology available to recover your data. Our intimate knowledge of operating systems and their file systems helps us to achieve optimal results in all recovery operations, by taking the minimum of risks and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. We are extremely careful at all times not to aggravate the existing damage and to find the best solution for our customers.
We do not pretend that we can get data in all situations, but we can handle most of them. We love to fix data recovery related problems, no matter whether it is a big or small problem. Our service is top class, and our prices are always reasonable.

Our Aim:
To provide high level, premium quality data recovery services to all our clients, at cost effective prices. We are persistent in our recovery attempts, and exhaust all possible methods and avenues for recovery before declaring data permanently irrecoverable. We put the clients need first, and ensure that we support and serve them to a high standard.

Customer Centricity

You, the customer, are the lifeblood of our business. Without you, we simply could not exist. Reboot Data Recovery is highly customer-centric – it is your needs, wants and desires, as a customer, that shape our operations. Since our establishment in 2014, our close-knit team have worked persistently to craft a customer-focused, ethical and sustainable business culture, that allows us to provide high-end data recovery solutions, support and service to our clients. Our core business operates based on our six values manifest: We believe that honesty, openness and transparency are key to both business success, and the fostering of beneficial client relationships. We operate in ethical, diligent and professional manners, and believe in these values to facilitate continued business growth and success, as well as superior customer service and support. Communication is at the forefront of our business operations. We believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. Providing honest information, advice and suggestions to our clients is the cornerstone of our successful relationships and continued superior data recovery solutions. Reboot Data Recovery could not be the trusted, professional and high-performing business it is today without sustained and coherent teamwork. Our highly professional teamwork in cohesion to devise plans and courses of action in ensuring that our clients’ needs are met from end-to-end. Decisive action enables us to provide the client with fast turnarounds, frequent communications and efficient issue resolution. We understand that data can be time-sensitive and critical; this client need is the basis for decisive action being a key business value. Reboot Data Recovery endeavour to continually grow, and expand our knowledge and skills. Our values towards personal growth push our staff to frequently attend third party training and engage in self-paced learning, to expand and develop their skill sets. We value both business learning (particularly with regards to marketing), as well as technical learning (advanced data recovery). We aim to develop a well-rounded set of skills, possessed by all staff at Reboot Data Recovery. Finally, we believe in an impeccable, professional presentation. It is true in both business and personal application; “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. We believe in demonstrating our skills, knowledge and experience not only in the work that we do but in the way we present ourselves and our brand.

World-Class Technology

Technology moves at a rapid pace, and it is important that we, as a technology specialist, keep pace with this. Reboot Data Recovery has identified and recognized trends in the technological landscape, which enables us to ensure that our comprehensive services meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.
We’ve taken the steps to acquire knowledge, skills, expertise, tools, hardware and software to keep up with the challenges and needs of our diverse client base, including:

  • Formal training on smartphone and tablet recovery, along with the acquisition of sophisticated tools and software to maximize the chances of successful recovery
  • Acquisition of tools, hardware and software to serve customers with regards to complex, sophisticated and demanding monolith flash, solid-state drive and RAID/NAS/Server configuration
  • Software and business intelligence tools to nurture the customer through the recovery process, identifying opportunities and ensuring all needs are met as quickly as possible; and
  • Comprehensive end-to-end integrated marketing communications, putting our brand in front of those who need our services the most

Giving Back – Community and Environment

Reboot Data Recovery values community and relationships. We believe in helping those who need it most, and “paying it forward” to members of our local community, as well as our fragile environment.
We endeavour to run a paperless office – we believe in using digital methods of communication and documentation to reduce our impact on the environment. Every little bit counts, and we want to be a part of a greener, healthier future.
We responsibly dispose of e-waste – components within computers, hard drives and other electronic components can leak hazardous chemicals into the earth. Reboot Data Recovery, at every instance, recycles what they can, and responsibly disposes of e-waste to certified and trusted drop off locations.
We support our community – Reboot Data Recovery frequently engages with members of our community, to give back and support those who support us. Examples of this include:

  • Engaging with business owners, councillors and council members regularly at Chambers of Commerce meetings
  • Sponsorship of local events and get-togethers, such as Family Fun day’s and events at our local shopping centre

Our dedication to the environment, our community and our clients doesn’t stop at our office. We believe that our brand and business is on show 24/7; there is always an opportunity to give back.

Check out our locations Australia wide or call us to find your local drop off point:

LOCATIONS: https://rebootdatarecovery.com.au/contact-us/

Call us on: 1300 002 668

Emergencies: 0409 834 664

Some comments from our clients- please click on the link:  https://www.rebootdatarecovery.com.au/testimonials

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